About Us

At Klasyo Ltd we are passionate about connecting the world businesses to verified genuine premium local suppliers in United Kingdom and Middle East.

We have the trading know-how and local contacts, as well as ever growing portfolio of suppliers and customers. Our current speciality being premium quality Afghan saffron. As a supplier you can tap into our network and benefit from our trading experience. As a business customer, you can gain safe access to less available goods and regions thanks to our local expertise, all with the comfort of English speaking support and risk-free shipping and payment methods.

Focus on what you do best, your business, and allow us to connect you with the world!

Trading experience

We have shipped our packages to all corners of the world, working with large businesses as well as individual tradesmen. Are you in need of country-specific import documentation? Do you have a preferred reception port in mind? Is there an alternative payment method you would like to discuss? Any questions regarding customs en route? Get in touch, we can help.

Since 2017, we are a Gold Supplier on Alibaba international B2B marketplace. There we have also reached a status of Verified Supplier ;- a distinction granted to companies assessed and certified and/or inspected by an independent third party. For more information please visit klasyo.trustpass.alibaba.com.

Thanks to our close links to Afghanistan, we are also a proud member of Afghan Business Association, United Kingdom. This gives us additional unique access to local networks and partnerships. For more information please click here.

Social responsibility

The Bayat Foundation | Ehsan Bayat Afghan Wirless

We proudly donate at least 2.5% of our annual earnings to charity. Our pick for the past financial year have been The Bayat Foundation whom we have carefully chosen for their dedication to the health, education and well-being of the people of Afghanistan. For more information about The Bayat Foundation see https://bayatfoundation.org/. If you have a suggestion for a charitable cause (ideally within the UK or Afghanistan) you believe is worth our support, let us know.

We also made a choice to support local farmers in Afghanistan directly, by giving them a local platform to trade with and be represented by worldwide. That is why we helped to establish and continue to provide FREE know-how and business support to our exclusive partners in Afghan-based Hannah Saffron Agricultural Company. In turn our customers get access to the premium quality, family grown saffron, united under the Hannah Saffron brand.